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Addressing hair fall concerns just got easier with Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Cream. Our innovative formula, now conveniently packaged in a pack of 6, brings you a holistic solution for stronger, healthier hair.

Key Features:
  • Advanced Hair Fall Protection:

    • Formulated with a unique blend of natural ingredients to combat hair fall at its roots.Targets the underlying causes of hair fall for lasting protection.

    Enriched with Herbal Goodness:

    • Infused with the goodness of Butea Frondosa and Bhringaraja, known for their hair-strengthening properties.A herbal powerhouse to nourish and fortify your locks.

    140g Cream for Extended Use:

    • Each order includes a pack of 6, 140g Anti Hair Fall Creams for a prolonged supply.Ideal for those looking for consistent and effective hair fall control.

    Non-Greasy and Quick Absorption:

    • Lightweight and non-greasy formula for hassle-free application.Gets absorbed quickly, leaving your hair feeling nourished without any residue.

    Promotes Hair Regeneration:

    • Stimulates hair follicles, promoting hair regeneration and a thicker, healthier mane.Fosters an environment for strong and resilient hair growth.

    Easy to Incorporate into Routine:

    • Simple and effective to use as part of your regular hair care routine.Suitable for all hair types and can be applied on both damp and dry hair.

    Himalaya Quality Assurance:

    • From the trusted house of Himalaya, a brand known for natural and effective herbal solutions.Committed to promoting well-being through herbal excellence.
  • How to Order:
  • Choose the convenience of the pack of 6 for long-term hair fall control.Add to your cart and enjoy the benefits of sustained hair care with Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Cream.Revel in stronger, healthier hair with the power of natural ingredients.
  • Invest in the health of your hair with Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Cream – now available in a bulk pack for consistent and effective care.Note: For optimal results, regular use as per the product guidelines is recommended.


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